pan latino

Pan Latino

Pan Latino – Still together after 8 years, Kéch, Abbo, Daniël and Chris, combined by their love of all music, are a strong Latino Ethnic force. Their music is energetic and infectious to the ear and guaranteed to get you up and dancing.

Lead by Bolivian “real deal Latino” Kéch (Eufronio) Sánchez on vocals, guitar, pan pipes, flutes and charango.

The rest of the tribe are:

Abbo on the bass guitar, holding down the grooving Latin bass lines.

Daniël Rossouw on lead, rhythm guitar. Latin infused and blended with other flavours, his colours add to Pan Latino’s unique sound.

Chris Melling – AKA Baviaan, percussion extraordinaire, bringing his tasteful yet visually exciting Ethno/Latino beats and sounds, pulsing the heartbeat of Pan Latino.

Pan Latino with John Bosse, Ketch Sanchez, Chris Melling and Neil

Posted by Martin Gee Godfrey on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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